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Need the direct link to download Blackmart Alpha for your device? Wondering here and there for the latest version? Then you just have come to the right place. We can give you the direct download link to Blackmart for Android, PC & iOS. You can scroll down and find the link to Download Blackmart for your device. Or if you want to know everything about Blackmart Alpha, then read this post completely to know the features, installation process of Blackmart App.

Blackmart is an App Market Application. You can download the latest apps & games for free with Blackmart. It can be installed on Android, Windows and iOS devices.

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App Description

App NameBlackmart Alpha
Size7.5 MB
Total Downloads10M+
Minimum Android VersionAndroid 4.0 +
Required Root?No

Blackmart Alpha for Android

We all use Android devices in our daily life for various tasks. Android is the most popular operating system nowadays. But it’s so famous because of some reasons. One of them is Apps and Games compatibility.

There are millions of apps & games that are supported on Android devices which can help you with various things.

But the not so easy part is to find your favorite application and download it safely.

There are various ways of downloading Android apps & games. The most popular method is via Google Play Store.

But, if you talk about some alternatives of the Play Store, the name that comes to everyone’s mind is Blackmart App Market for Android.

So, What’s so special on Blackmart App?

There are many things that you can do only with Blackmart App. Let me tell you some.

The most popular feature of Blackmart Alpha is Downloading Paid Apps for Free.

Yes, You have heard it right. You can download Paid Android Apps for free with Blackmart. You don’t need to buy an app to use it. There are many paid version of apps are available that offer more features.

So, if you are a college student and want to save some bucks by downloading your paid app for free, then you must download Blackmart on your device. It can help you in various ways.

You need the Blackmart Apk to be installed on your Android device.

Blackmart Alpha has many features in it. I’ve described some below.

Blackmart Alpha Features

Blackmart is one of largest app market for Android. It has 10Million+ app collection. You can download any apps and games with Blackmart. You can download them for free. Just select your favorite app or game and start downloading.

You can download any paid app for free with Blackmart. Many paid apps are available to download. You can download them for free with the Blackmart app. You don’t need to spend a single penny to use your favorite paid application. Blackmart has a huge collection of paid apps.

You can download any county locked apps that are not available in for your country. For example, Spotify is not available in India. But, Indian users can download Spotify with Blackmart.

There are many MOD version of the apps that are available on Blackmart. You can download any modded app or game with the help of this app. Just search which MOD you want to download, and you’ll be able to download the modded. App or game.

Blackmart has category wise app showcase. You can choose from any category. There is Music, Productivity, Browser, and many more categories. Each category has many apps. You can choose your favorite category, and it’ll display all the popular apps in that category.

The downloading speed of Blackmart is super fast. You’ll get maximum download speed when you download an app or game with Blackmart.

You’ll receive the updates of all the apps installed with Blackmart. Not only that, you can update your system application too with the help of Blackmart. It’ll automatically notify you when a new version of app releases.


Blackmart has its app manager in it. You can Uninstall, Update the apps with the inbuilt app manager. In the app manager, you’ll see all the apps installed on your device. It’ll also show the storage section on Blackmart app manager.

Blackmart is completely safe to use. It got an excellent reputation and popularity. Millions of users worldwide are using Blackmart on their Android device. So, you can also install it without any doubt or worry.

How to Download Blackmart Apk for Android?

Note: Blackmart Apk is not available on Google Play Store for an unknown reason. But you can download the latest version of Blackmart apk from the link below. It’ll take you to the download page of Blackmart Apk for Android. You can download it from there. The apk file is 100% safe to install and use. So, you can install it on your Android device easily.

Before Installing the apk file, go to Settings>Security on your Android device, and enable the ‘Install from Unknown Source’ Option from there. It’ll let you install the apk file.

How to Install Blackmart Alpha Apk on Android?

  1. Goto Settings>Security option
  2. Enable ‘Install from Unknown Source’ Option
  3. Go to ‘Downloads’ folder and install the apk file

How to Download the Apps or Games with Blackmart Alpha?

Downloading the apps and games with Blackmart Alpha isn’t a big task. You can download them easily. Just follow the below steps if you want to know the process.

  • Open Blackmart App from your app drawer.
  • It’ll show you the homepage of the app.
  • Select your favorite app or game.
  • Tap on the game to install.
  • Click on ‘Install’ to install it.
  • It’ll start downloading the app, after downloading it, it’ll automatically promote to install the app.
  • Just install the app, and it’ll be installed on your Android device.

Note: You can also use the search bar to search for your favorite application. Type the name of the app or game, and it’ll display it. Then you can follow the above process to download the app or game.

Blackmart Alpha for PC

Installing Blackmart on Windows PC/Laptop isn’t a big task. You can install Blackmart on your Windows Device easily. Just follow the below steps to complete the installation process of installing Blackmart on Windows PC.

Bet365 Mod Apk Free

To install Blackmart on Windows, We need an Android emulator. There are many emulators available you can choose any of them. In this tutorial, I’m using Bluestacks Android Emulator.

  1. Download Bluestacks Android emulator.
  2. Install it on your Windows PC.
  3. Download the Blackmart Apk file.
  4. Open Bluestacks and install the apk file with Bluestacks.
  5. That’s it! Now, you can use Blackmart on your Windows device.

Blackmart Alpha for iOS

If you have an iPhone or iPad, then you can also install Blackmart Alpha and take advantage of this fantastic app store. Just follow the below steps to install Blackmart on iOS devices.

  1. You need to jailbreak your iOS device to install Blackmart. Install Cydia and Xposed to do that.
  2. Download Blackmart iPa file.
  3. Install it and accept the security certificate from Settings>App

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

Blackmart is completely safe to install and use. Millions of users are using Blackmart on their devices daily. No one complained about the app ever. So, you can install it without any doubt or worry.

House of fun slots casino app. No, Blackmart is not illegal. They have the license of the apps they provide. However, if something bad happens, the developer may get into the problem, not the users. So, you don’t need to be worried.

No, Blackmart doesn’t require root permission to work. You can install it on non-rooted devices too. Just download the Blackmart Apk and install it on your Android device.

Blackmart is officially not available for Blackberry devices. But, as Blackberry OS 10 supports apk, you can install Blackmart Apk on Blackberry OS 10 or higher devices.

Final Words

Bet365 Mod Apk Pc

Blackmart Alpha is one of the finest app store ever. It’s free to use the app. So, hope you liked this post and will be able to install Blackmart after reading this post. If you liked this post, Share it with your friends and family. Comment down below in the comment section about your thoughts.

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