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Bet 365 is one of the world's most famous bookmakers. Players are given the opportunity to place their bets on such a wide range of markets. So it makes sense that downloading Bet365 offers an Android app that is highly functional and very user - friendly, allowing you to play wherever you are on the go. You'll want to take advantage of this Android app if you use Bet 365 regularly to place your bets. A detailed review of Bet365 mobile app and mobile website version for Android and iOS devices. Find out how to use bet365 app on your iPhone and how to get the.apk file. Information about soccer betting, mobile live streaming, bet365 casino app, bonus code offers and more. List with compatible devices.

Bet365 are making a big splash in the sports betting world, so we felt it was time to take an in-depth look and see why so many people are migrating to them. The internet is abuzz about the Bet365 App so we decided to start with an in-depth look at the mobile version of the already popular site.

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How to get the Bet365 App?

Installing and using new software can be a daunting task sometimes, but we discovered that Bet365 have found a great solution that makes getting started quick and easy. The Bet365 App boast the simplest step by step installation you’ll ever find. Here’s how we did it:

We went to the Bet365 homepage and scrolled down to the bottom then click Mobile & Tablet. We got a message about the bet365 app and selected OK to start the download. We used this promo code. We then went to security settings, chose Allow installation and then install. After the download was completed, we clicked on the Bet365 icon and logged in. The cool part is that we got full access to statistics, betting, and live streaming instantly.

Betbuzz 365 App

System Requirements

With so many phone brands and screen dimensions, App developers are struggling to keep up. Bet365 are setting a new benchmark in compatibility, that seems to be good for everything.

The Bet365 App is fast loading, and lite on the CPU, and appears to be completely bug-free… SO FAR! If you are an Apple fan you’ll be happy.

The resolution is sharp, and the pages flow nicely without delay. For Android phone fans the experience is equally polished. If you prefer Windows you’ll be glad to know the Bet365 App supports all Windows phones from this decade, although the menus were not quite so crisp as with iPhone and Android.

So long as you’ve 3G or 4G internet connection you’re good to go, and the great news is it won’t suck your battery dry in an hour like some other Apps, so you can keep it active and stay up to date all day.

Everyone wants features nowadays, and why not. Bet365 has enough features to write a book, but here are a few that we really found super helpful:

  • Cash Out: From time to time your gut instinct gives you a change of heart. The Cash Out feature lets you cash out and get out early. If your team is ahead, you can take the cash and run without waiting for the final whistle. Beware, though; safe money will reduce your return slightly.
  • Live streaming: You can get access to daily live video feeds on all of your favorite events. There are customizable settings to optimize picture quality and frame rate to give a great viewing experience on all screen sizes. Bear in mind you need a funded account or a bet placed in the last 24 hours before you will be able to view a stream. Geographical restrictions may also apply.
  • Match Live: Not every sports event has video but thanks to top notch visuals you can track the action real-time as it unfolds. Clever animation and live comments make any event exciting and entertaining and give a virtual experience that makes sure you don’t lose any of the drama.
  • Virtual Sports: Top notch computer-generated events in Horse Racing, Greyhounds, motors sports, Soccer, Cycling, and Tennis, running 24 hours per day. Not all of us loved these random result generated games, but the concept is interesting and has great potential for improvement.


1.How to place a bet?

Placing a bet couldn’t be easier. Browse down the list of sports on the left side. Each category expands to reveal leagues and tournaments. Check out the Live Betting to see events unfold from around the world. With Available Bets you’ll find all the current offers.

Click on the box next to the odds to place a bet on the particular outcome of an event. Now glance to the right side of the screen, you will now see the Bet Slip displaying your picks, which contains the event and your forecast. Simply click the Place Bet button to confirm your choices and you’re done. You can bet on multiple events which can all be seen on the Bet Slip on the right.

You can easily check the previous bets on the Bets History section. In this section, you can find the ongoing bets and also the older one.

2. How to contact the customer service?

Bet365 offer every variation of contact including Chat service with advisors. If you preferred to get your advice in written form there’s an Email response service that provides quick answers with easy to read instructions.

They even provide a mailing address although we really don’t understand why they bothered. Just click the Contact Us link on the home page to see the right contact details for your region.

Overall rating

We really tried our best to be objective about this by adding some pros and cons to the review, but the truth is we didn’t find much that could qualify as negative. Bet365 spent a great deal of effort to make the punter experience flawless. It seems their reputation for being one of, if not, the best sports betting site is well deserved.

In reality the list of Pros could have gone on and on. It’s no surprise that the Bet365 App is taking the sports betting the world by storm. The only negative issue we could find was not in the user software, odds, or coverage.

The company is growing exponentially, so the inevitable traffic to customer support is overloading their systems and staff. Something they are no doubt working on as you read this review. All in all, we highly recommend the Bet365 App and suggest you take advantage of the awesome bonuses while Bet365 are still trying to outshine their competitors.

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Bet365 App – Pros Bet365 App – Bet365 Cons
  • Best Bonuses in the industry
  • Quick and problem-free deposit and withdrawal
  • Wide selection of events
  • Overall Best odds in the industry on average
  • Sticklers for details on signup details
  • Occasional poor quality connection with customer support chat



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Accumulator Bet

An accumulator bet (short acca, or also combination bet) consists ofmultiple picks combined in a single bet. Brian christopher slot machine 2019. The total odds of theaccumulator is calculated by multiplying the odds of the individualpicks.To calculate the total return, multiply your stake with the total odds.


You have selected three picks:

  • Espanyol Barcelona - FC Barcelona, Pick: Away, Odds: 1.33
  • Hamburg SV - Hannover 96, Pick: Draw, Odds: 3.25
  • FC Liverpool - Tottenham Hotspurs, Pick: Away, Odds: 3.70

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When combining these picks in an accumulator, you end up placing a single bet consisting of these picks.

To get the total odd of the accumulator, simply multiply all individual odds.

Total Odds = 1.33 * 3.25 * 3.7 = 15.99


With a stake of €10 you could potentially win €159.90 (= 15.99 * €10). It becomes apparent, that by multiplying all prices you quicklyget higher odds with promising returns. But remember that even thoughit looks very tempting, you need to correctly predict all picks in anaccumulator. One wrong pick and the entire bet is lost.

Especially beginners and new bettors are often allured by thepotential high payouts and routinely bet accumulators consisting offour or more picks. It is crucial to keep in mind that the higher theodds, the lower the probability that the bet wins.

American Odds

This is a special odds format which is also referred to as 'MoneylineOdds', is - like the name suggests - mostly used in the US.

To calculate the possible winnings using american odds, you need topay attention to the algebraic sign. If the number is positive, itrepresents the payout you would receive on a €100 bet.

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Odds of +160

If you stake €100 and win, your payout would be €160 (with a profit of €60).

Is the number negative, it indicates the amount you would need to stake in order to make a profit of €100

Odds of -160

In order to make a profit of €100 you would need to stake €160.

Convert to decimal odds

The following formula converts positive american odds to decimal odds:

decimal odds = +US odds/100 + 1

And the formula for negative odds, respectively:

decimal odds = 100/US odds + 1

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To easily convert between the various odds formats and probability youcan use our dedicated odds calculator.

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