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Burning Hot Casino

In fact, the video game Burning Heart is very popular one and is widely spread in most of the casinos all over the world. The newest version of it is 20 Burning Hot. It is not very different from the original. Released in 2017 by EGT Interactive, “40 Burning Hot” is an action-packed slot, promising hours of thrilling entertainment. The original Burning Hot slot was a success with players around the world.

Play 40 Burning Hot with real money

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40 Burning Hot Slot

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Casino Slot40 Burning Hot
Software ProviderEGT – Euro Games Technology
Return to Player (RTP)95.93%
Slot themeFruits
Minimum bet per payline1
Maximum bet per payline60
Maximum payout80 000

Released in 2017 by EGT Interactive, “40 Burning Hot” is an action-packed slot, promising hours of thrilling entertainment. The original Burning Hot slot was a success with players around the world. The new edition promises a fantastic upgrade to your gaming experience, with more pay lines and plenty of bonuses.

Online casinos offer a wide variety of slots and games. 40 Burning Hot is a product of EGT (Euro Games Technology) which automatically makes this slot game among the most popular in the business. You can play the 40 Burning Hot casino game from your smart phone, computer or tablet without any restrictions. 40 Burning Hot is one of EGT’s much loved slots that can be played directly on the Casino Robots website completely free of charge without the need for installation or registration. Have fun with one of the most famous slot-lovers slots, 40 Burning Hot.

How to play 40 Burning Hot?

To start the slot game, choose a starting bet. This can be done by pressing the buttons below the gaming screen. Here you can choose which amount to bet. By selecting the credit amount, 5 different betting amounts are made available. Once you have selected your bet, press the start button and play begins. The amount of each bet can be changed after each play unless you have selected automatic play. If automatic play has been selected, the spin must be stopped first before you can change your bet. After each spin, you either win or lose the bet. It’s that easy. With the generated winnings a bonus level through which you can bet double or nothing is opened. In this bonus level, you must guess the color you think the winning card will have or lose your current winnings.


As the champion creators of online slots, EGT knows what it takes to grab the attention of every player. For 40 Burning Hot, they chose a soothing green as the background. For the theme of the slot machine, they chose the well-known fruit symbols. The playing field consists of 4 lines and 5 reels that mix the symbols. Characteristic of this slot is the number of paylines, 40, which is where the name 40 Burning Hot comes from. The slot includes 11 symbols, 6 of which are fruit – cherries, oranges, lemons, plums, watermelons and grapes. These symbols give gains in a combination of 3, 4 and 5 symbols per line. The other symbols included in the game are:

  • The Bell – with gains of 3, 4 and 5 symbols per line;
  • The Lucky 7 – which gives gains of 2, 3, 4 and 5 symbols per line;
  • The Dollar and Star – which are scatter symbols. The dollar symbol wins a combination of 3,4 and 5 symbols and the star symbol wins a combination of 3 symbols on the 1st, 3rd and 5th reels.
  • The WILD symbol, which replaces each of the other symbols except the scatter symbols to combine and generate winnings.

With so many fixed lines, the chance of winning increases, so this slot has a high percentage of return to player. On our site Casino Robots you have the opportunity to play a demo version of 40 Burning Hot with an initial credit of 5 000. Our gaming platform can be used on both desktop and mobile devices, therefore casino games in it are available anywhere anytime and you can feel the thrill of the slot and try your luck without unnecessary risk. So come and give it a try and enjoy the game!

How much can I win on 40 Burning Hot?

Burning Hot 40 features five reels with an extended 4×5 layout giving players a slightly bigger area on the new edition. As the game title suggests, you get 40 pay lines, increasing your chances of winning. That’s a significant increase from the five in the original game. Payouts are generous and frequent, and this title offers the gambler plenty of volatility and opportunity.

What are the bonuses and features of 40 Burning Hot?

Burning Hot 40 comes with traditional slot symbols such as lemons, cherries, and oranges for low-value characters. The higher-paying symbols include grapes, watermelons, and bells. For the biggest payouts, you’ll need to land the 7’s. Hitting two 7’s on the same line lands you a fat payout.

40 Burning Hot also features one wild symbol, and two scatter symbols, along with the fruit symbols. To win in the game, you’ll need to match three to five symbols on a single pay line. The only exception to this is landing the purple start scatter symbol.

  • Dollar-sign Scatter – pays out 100x for five symbols a pay line.
  • Purple Star Scatter – pays out 20x for three symbols on reels 1, 3, and 5.
  • Lucky 7 – pays out 75x for landing five on a single pay line.
  • Grapes – pays out 12.5x for five on a pay line.
  • Watermelon out – pays out 12.5x for five on a pay line.
  • Liberty Bell – pays out 5x for five on a pay line.
  • Cherries, Plums, Lemons, and Oranges – pays out 2.5x for five on a pay line.
  • 4-Leaf Clover Wilds – Acts as a substitute for symbols on reels 2, 3, and 4.

The 4-leaf clover symbol functions like a regular wild. However, it also expands to cover the entire reel when it’s part of a winning combination. This wild really boosts your luck and your winnings. The two scatter symbols in the game don’t do anything to trigger free spins, but they do land you some handsome payouts. With the Dollar-sign scatter symbol, you get bonuses of up to 4,000X your bet for five on a single pay line. Landing the Purple star scatter on reels 1, 3, or 5 nets you some impressive wins. If you feel like doubling up on your winnings, try out the gamble feature. With the gamble feature, you can choose to bet it all on red or black for a chance to take it to double-or-nothing. You have the chance to go several rounds with the double-or-nothing feature. However, it’s risky, and you could always end up losing everything if you take it too far. Interestingly, Burning hot 40 doesn’t come with any free spins feature. However, the developers designed the game to be easy to play, reminiscent of the classic slots in the early days of the “one-armed bandit.”

What is the jackpot level for 40 Burning Hot?

All players have their hopes securely set on winning the jackpot in Burning Hot 40. With this game, you’ll notice that there are four progressive jackpots on each of the reels. Each of the reels receives one of the four card suits, allowing players to match them up for the chance to win jackpots. The jackpots are random, and the game activates the jackpot bonus round by taking you to a new screen. On the screen, you have the option of choosing three cards from twelve lying face-down on the virtual table. If you manage to find three-of-a-kind across three suits, you win the jackpot. For example, if you match three hearts or three spades, you win the jackpot. The three spades offer players the biggest jackpot, with payouts in thousands of coins.

What are the best strategies and recommendations for 40 Burning Hot?

If you’re looking to play Burning Hot 40, EGT states that it doesn’t come with an official return-to-player (RTP). However, some players say that they calculate the average RTP at around 95.93%, which is favorable and lands you some good returns. According to user reviews, it’s a medium volatility game. Therefore, players can expect some dry spells before the game starts paying out.

Is there a mobile version of 40 Burning Hot?

Yes, there’s a version of Burning Hot 40 available for gameplay on mobile devices. The game works on iOS and Android, with no need to download a dedicated app. Play Burning Hot 40 right in your browser, on your Samsung or Apple device.

What are the game sounds on 40 Burning Hot?

The sounds on Burning Hot 40 aren’t fantastic. You get the classic clicks and whirs for the reels, whistles, and bells throughout the game when you win or the symbols appear. Overall, Burning Hot 40 is what we would expect from a classic slot game. The vintage gameplay and sounds make this game an instant hit.

Final thoughts on 40 Burning Hot – gameplay review

If you enjoy classic casino slots, you’re going to love Burning Hot 40. With Burning Hot 40, you get an updated version of one of the most popular games to grace the screen of the one-armed bandit. With more pay lines and progressive jackpots, Burning Hot 40 has everything you’re looking for in a casino slot classic. Featuring five reels and 40 pay lines, and double-or-nothing bonus rounds, there’s plenty of ways to win with this game.

Frequently Asked Questions about 40 Burning Hot

Who is the manufacturer of 40 Burning Hot?

The software of the game is developed by EGT – Euro Games Technology.

Burning hot casinoHow many lines does 40 Burning Hot slot have?

The slot has 40 lines.

How many reels 40 Burning Hot Slot have?

The slot has 5 reels.

What is the return to player (RTP)?

The return to player is 95.93%.

What is the theme of the slot?

It is a part of the so-called “Fruit slots“.

What is the minimum bet per line?

The minimum bet is 1.

What is the maximum bet per line?

The maximum bet is 60.

What is the maximum profit?

You can earn up to 80,000.

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40 Burning Hot (EGT)

EGT is home to a lot of classic fruit-themed video games, and one such game is 40 Burning Hot. Although this theme is increasingly becoming less attractive, 40 Burning Hot has a few merits, and we will explore them in this review:

Game Set-Up

The developer has gone for the 5x4 reels set-up, and up to 40 active pay lines. Among the feature present is scatters (two versions), a wild as well as a Jackpot Cards Mystery bonus feature.

Betting and Prizes

I noticed that 40 Super Hot uses a betting structure that heavily relies on a fixed value of $1. This makes it quite easy for a player to set the paylines to as many as 40, with wagers fixed on them.

Bets here are not that cheap, and the least amount for each spin is $40, while the highest that you can use per spin is $800. This means that each line can get up to $20.

With the help of some of the features like the scatters, the highest payout can get to $80,000. However, the slot also offers four progressive jackpots whose value is much higher.

For its RTP, EGT has offered just 95.93% which I find to be way too low, compared to 96% that is common on many modern slots. 40 Burning Hot is a slot with Medium volatility, which means it has some risks involved.

40 Burning Hot Slot Features

Being a classic video slot, nothing much happens with the features, and among the few that are available are the wilds.

The wild appears as a Four-Leaf Clover, and you can use it to from winnings combinations. However, the wild does not appear on all the reels, so it cannot be used on its own.

You can also use the wild as a substitute for the regular symbols, but not the scatter.

Then there is the scatter, and this one comes in two versions. The first one is in the image of a Dollar Sign. Primary bank account for upi id cannot be deleted. With 3 to 5 of such images landing anywhere on the reels, you will be rewarded with up to $80,000.

That kind of value comes from having the largest wager selected, the game paying 100x the wager value through these scatters.

Burning Hot Casino Games

The other scatter comes with a Purple Star as its symbol. If you get it on all three reels (1, 3 and 5), the slot will reward you with a prize of $16,000.

The last type of feature is the Jackpot Cards, which appears randomly. It comes in four levels, that contain cards. You are required to reveal three corresponding cards, and the prize will be revealed. Each suit represents one of the four progressive jackpots.

Theme & Design

Burning Hot Cheetos

40 Burning Hot doesn’t have very interesting graphics, and plenty of fruit symbols are the only thing present here.

In addition to the fruit symbols, you will also get dollar signs, gold bells, four-leaf clovers, red 7s, purple stars, plums, watermelons, grapes, oranges, cherries, and lemons.


Casinogamesonnet Burning Hot

40 Burning Hot is a classic game that appears to have geta potential. However, its low volatility combined with medium volatility makes it extremely risky.