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Did you know that you could make so much out of sports betting? This is one of the fast-growing ventures in South Africa. The high number of people that are registered to these companies is a proof that the business has a very high likelihood of turning their lives. How about evaluating the five best sports betting companies and going through the services that each one of them has to offer.

Would you risk your money to test your lucky stars? Are you willing to place a bet and make the most of it? If that is the case, how about doing so via a company like 1xBet or Parimatch that is going to give you value for your money. This list of the five best sports betting companies will provide you with the best options to choose from. It will also guarantee companies with the most user-friendly websites whose services will amaze you.

The best betting companies in South Africa

Out of the forty gambling sites that the National Gambling Board has awarded licences to, some stand out from the rest for their unique ways of appreciating their customers. Others stand out for their user-friendly websites. These are by far the top five betting sites in the country:

Harif Sport Apk Pc

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1. 1xBet South Africa

Source: UGC

1xBet is one of South Africa's oldest and best betting site. The website has the largest threshold of punters in the county. The large number of people registered is enough to convince you about the services that it offers. These are some of the features that have attracted them to the site:

The user-friendly website

1xBet is one of the few betting sites whose website is so straight-forward and its functionality easy to juggle through. For one to enjoy the services that the site has to offer, they have to ensure that they create an account. The process of registering an account is as simple as clicking here.

Simple registration procedures

The website provides four different ways in which one can register a new account. These are the registration methods that one can choose from:

  • Registration by one click: where one registers by inputting their phone number and their currency that they will be using for all their online sports betting activities on the site. After feeding in these details, the new user will receive a text message with their login details.
  • Registration by email: this is a more detailed method and the new user will be required to feed in more details about themselves. These details include their phone number, email, identification number, currency and password.
  • Registration by SMS: this is nearly the same as the one-click method, only that you will not be required to enter the currency. The only details that you will key in is your phone number.

1xBet app

The site stands as one of the best online gambling companies as it provides its users with an application that they can use for placing their bets. This is a more convenient way of accessing the site since it saves you the hustle of using the browsers for your operations.

The best rates for bonuses and premiums

1xBet is one of the websites that value their customers. It has set aside a series of bonuses that it offers its users. These are some of the premiums that you will enjoy by working with the company:

  • 1xBet first deposit bonus: This is a premium that is awarded to a user after they have registered their account and made the first deposit into their account. The premium that one is awarded is normally 100% of the amount that they deposit into their account, even though the maximum limit that one is awarded a bonus is R1500. There are, however, rules that one should follow while using the bonus. To know more about how the bonus is used, click here.
  • Lucky Friday bonus: This bonus is awarded to users once they credit money into their accounts on Friday. For every deposit that one makes, they are awarded 100% the amount that they would have deposited.
  • Wednesday X2 bonus: This bonus is awarded to a user after they have deposited funds into their account on Friday, Monday and Tuesday that precede the Wednesday.

The other premiums that one enjoys by owning an account with the company include:

  • Advanced bet: where a user places a bet even when they do not have funds in their account.
  • Free bet: which is awarded to a user on their birthday.

With all these premiums, what else would you look for in other online gambling sites when 1xBet has a whole package for you? You do not have to think twice about registering an account as you do not have one. The company guarantees to give you value for your money.

2. Parimatch

Parimatch is another site that tops the list of the best sports betting websites in the country. It has been in operation for more than a decade and is proud to be one of the platforms that offers the best deals in terms of odds. The most fascinating thing is that it has the live bet option so one can place the bet in the middle of the game and increase their chances of winning. These are the other features that will attract you to the site:

The customer-friendly website

Parimatch has a customer-friendly atmosphere regardless of whether you are a first-timer or not. Unlike most sites, it has a menu that provides a punter with statistics on the matches that they want to place their bet on, how awesome is that?

The features on the website are also meant to make the process of manoeuvring through the website easier. It is also in English which makes operations on the site way easier. To add to it, it also provides for world sports betting which makes it convenient for one to select the different games that they would wish to place their bets on.


As a part of customer appreciation, the website provides its customers with premiums. One of the bonuses that a new user enjoys is the first deposit bonus which value is 100%, the value that they will deposit into the account.

  • Cashback in bet games: This feature allows one to get back a certain percentage of the money that they would have lost while placing their bets. It is only viable over the weekend and one ought to have placed a bet on Saturday and Sunday. The percentage that one receives as compensation is 20% of the amount that they risked as a stake for the two days. If a punter meets all the requirements of the bonus, the 20% will directly be credited to their account.
  • Jackpots: The site also provides an option for jackpots where one stands a chance to win a lump sum amount for placing a bet on the selected games. The site provides users with this premium for soccer matches as well as casino games.

To find out more about the bonuses that one enjoys for betting on sports on Parimatch click here.

To enjoy these services, you ought to have created an account. The registration process is one click away.

3. SunBet bookmaker


Sunbet is in the list of the top-most reviewed betting companies in the country. It stands among the best betting sites because of the premiums that the company awards its customers. It also stands out from the rest because of the cash-out option that it provides. You might want to know more about these features that attract more punters every single day.

Sunbet Deposit Bonus Offer

Sunbet, in conjunction with Best Sports Betting, has come up with a special one. It awards its customers for the first deposit that they make into their account. The value of the deposit bonus is R200 which will be used as a bet. The premium is awarded to every new user as they credit their account, regardless of the amount that they will deposit into the account.

To access the Sunbet R200 deposit bonus, you will be required to register an account through the company's website. You will then be required to credit a minimum of R50 into your account. Immediately after making the first deposit into your account, you will receive a notification about the R200 being credited to your account. The bonus will reflect on your bet slip.

Sunbet Sign-on bonus

Apart from the premium that is awarded to a punter on their first deposit, one also qualifies for the Sunbet sign-on bonus which is also awarded after the first deposit has been made. A new user receives a premium which worth is 100% of the amount that they deposit into their account. The 100% is awarded on a deposit maximum limit of R1000.

Immediately after they make their first deposit, they will receive a notification of the bonus being awarded. There, however, are limitations on how the premium is to be used. One needs to make a bet with not less than five selections and the minimum odd for each one of the selection is 1.70.

Apart from the bonuses that are awarded upon registering an account, there are other premiums that punters enjoy when placing bets on the site. The website also provides the best value for odds, making it one of the best betting sites in the country. You should consider creating a betting account with Sunbet.

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4. Betway, South Africa

Image:, @betway_sa
Source: UGC

Betway South Africa is by far the fastest growing betting company in the country. The company has shown off its muscle and potential for growth by providing some of the best deals that have helped it strategically positioning itself in the business. These are some of the reasons that have made it top in the list of the most preferred companies:

The user-friendly website

Betway has the most user-friendly atmosphere. That makes it easy for new users to juggle through the operations on the site. The website does not require one to have a computer for them to use. It can comfortably be accessed using a phone and tablet.

Betway app

In a bid to make it possible for users to conduct operations on the website, Betway has the application which allows one to carry out operations with ease. You do not have to go through the hustle of using your browser to access the site when you have the application installed.

Cash Out

Betway is among the three main websites that offer punters with the cash-out option. This option enables one to settle a bet before the end of the game. This option is convenient as it operates in two ways: one can close their bet when it looks like it is about to be lost. This helps to save the money that they would have lost if they had left the bet to run until the end of the game. The second instance allows one to close their bet if it was a winning one and they wish to have their money early. Knowing how to operate the cash-out option will save you from losing your money.

Betway Free Bet

The more you place your bets with the websites, the more awards you get. You can keep track of the amount of money that is credited to your account through the box on the top right corner of your home page. After making the selection of your bet, you can select the 'use my free bet' option to place your bet.

Betway Sign-on Bonus

Just like most websites, Betway also offers its customers a sign-on bonus. The value of the bonus is 125% the amount that one deposits on their account. There, however, is a limitation of the maximum amount that one should deposit for them to qualify for this bonus. The value of the maximum limit for the bonus is R1000.

Harif Sport Apk Emulator

The numerous deposit options

Betway offers its customers several deposit options to choose from. They include FNB, Absa, I-Pay, Mastercard, Investec, EFT, Nedbank, OTT, SID, Visa, Standard Bank, 1Voucher. Withdrawal can also be made through most of these options.

Betway is one of the most convenient betting sites in the country. Besides these features, it also provides punters with football betting tips that could come in handy.

5. Sportingbet

Sportingbet is another convenient site in the list of the top betting bookies in South Africa. These are some of the factors that have attracted most punters to it:

Cash-out option

Just like Betway, Sportingbet also has the cash-out option that punters can access and save themselves from losses.

First deposit bonus

Sportingbet also offers a bonus for the first deposit that one makes in their account. New users receive a 100% for their first deposit and the maximum amount that one can deposit for them to be awarded the deposit is R2000.

Rewards club

This is another strategy that Sportingbet is using to ensure that its customers get value for their money. For every wager worth R10 that one places, they are awarded with one point. The number of points increases with the amount of wager that one places. The points can be converted into money and used for placing a bet. How awesome is that?

Sportingbet promotions

Sportingbet also offers some of the most unique promotions. They include:

  • Money Back Multiple: One gets their money back if 1 leg of the football multiple spoils the bet.
  • Tennis Multi Special: One gets their money back when 1 leg of the tennis multiples spoils the bet.
  • Refer a friend: One earns R150 for referring a friend to the site.

With these features, Sportingbet is one of the few bookies that guarantees to gives punters value for their money.

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It is true what they say: you can’t win without trying. Why not to try it out today? Now that you know all there is to know about betting, it should be easier for you to play and even win. Why don’t you start by looking for a bet that works for you? It is easy to apply, play, and win. All you need is your smartphone or laptop, and you are good to go.

Sports betting sites in South Africa are a lucrative business. The high number of betting companies that are in the country is enough proof of that. The high numbers of customers who are registered to the companies is another proof. If you are a potential punter and are looking for recommendations on a site to register with, selecting one from these top five sports betting companies in South Africa will be the best choice.


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