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How To Remove Account In Paytm

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When you add a particular bank account in Paytm UPI then it will automatically select as a primary account to receive money from others. But if you have added multiple bank account then only one account selected as primary (default) account. You will receive money in this account and also when you pay online on Flipkart, Amazon or any shopping portal using UPI then money will be deducted from this default account.

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What is the Primary/Default Paytm UPI account?

When you link/add multiple bank account in Paytm UPI, then you need to select one account as a primary/default account. Your Paytm UPI ID linked with this primary account, so if someone sends money to your UPI ID, it will be credited to your primary account. When you make payment by entering your Paytm UPI ID, the money will be deducted from your primary account.

So if you have added two or more bank account in Paytm UPI then you can select any one account as primary. You can change or remove the primary bank account anytime.

How To View/Check Paytm UPI Primary Account?

Just open the Paytm UPI section, and here you can see all linked (added) bank accounts. You can see your PRIMARY Account here as you can see below screenshot.


How to Change Paytm UPI Primary Account?

Suppose you have multiple linked bank account in Paytm UPI and you want to change your primary account then follow these steps:

Open UPI Section in Paytm.

In UPI Section, you can see the Saved Bank Accounts list. You can see here the current primary account.

To change the primary account, tap on the desired bank account and tap on Make Primary as you can see in the below screenshot.

That’s all, now this changed primary bank account will be used to receive money and for payment.

How to Remove Paytm UPI Primary Bank (default) account?

If you wish to remove the primary bank account in Paytm UPI then tap on UPI section and here you can see Saved Bank Accounts. Tap on Primary Account.

And next screen tap on Remove Bank option. That’s it.

After removing the primary bank account. your other added bank account will be select as a primary (default) account automatically. If you have a single bank account and you have removed it then you need to add a bank account again to use Paytm UPI.


Q.1: Can a person with two different bank accounts linked with Paytm do money transfers between the banks?

Ans: No, only your primary bank account will receive the amount transferred to you. If you have two or more bank account linked with Paytm UPI then you can select or change any bank account as primary (default) account.