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How To Remove Saved Account From Paytm

Paytm is e-commerce website of India which deals in Recharges, Bills, Shopping etc. You might have used Paytm once in your life no matter for what it was. In fact Paytm is good in terms of online shopping and online recharges. It’s the leading e-commerce platform in India and growing rapidly day by day.

The Paytm app will auto-fetch a user’s bank account details if the number registered with Paytm and the bank are the same. Also, the user needs to activate mobile banking and internet banking before setting up a UPI account. In case you are still unable to link your bank account, please contact your bank. Hey guys, this video will explain you how to delete saved card details from paytm.queries solved:-1delete saved card paytm2how to delete debit card from pa.

If you have used Paytm ever in your life and now no longer wants to use your Paytm account. Then you might be looking to Delete Paytm Account. So, here I would like to inform you that there is no such official way to Delete Your Paytm Account Permanently.

Paytm account with details are provided below along with screenshot. Registered Mobile: +9198247XXXXX Registered Email: email protected Ownership Screenshot is attached. Wrapping up, This was a pretty much clear explanation for closing paytm account. You can easily delete paytm account using any of the methods.

But however, there are some alternate ways which will help you in deleting or blocking your Paytm account. Here in this article, we have shared some of the possible ways for deleting or removing Paytm account.

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  • 1 Delete Paytm Account

Delete Paytm Account

One of the easiest ways to delete your Paytm account is to ask the Paytm team itself. You can mail Paytm team and ask them that you are no longer using your Paytm account and wants to delete it. But there are rare fewer chances that their team will delete your account but still, you can give it a try.

Block Paytm Account

Another possible way is that you can ask Paytm team to block your account. Once your account is blocked then you will be no longer to access the Paytm account. The easiest way for blocking Paytm account is to ask their team directly. You can use the below-mentioned format to ask Paytm team for blocking or deleting the account. Make sure that you send the below email from your registered Paytm email address.

How To Remove Saved Account From Paytm Without

To: [email protected]

Subject: Request to block my Paytm account.

Message (example):

Dear Paytm Customer care team,

I have an account on Paytm that I’m not using anymore and I want to block it forever.

  • My registered email address is: (your email address)
  • My registered mobile number is: (your mobile phone number)
  • Last 3 transaction details: (if you have done any transactions on Paytm then you can mention recent 3 transactions here.)

Kind Regards,

(Your Name)

Paytm My Account

Uninstall Paytm Application

This is just a temporary solution and your Paytm account will not be permanent. If you want to get rid of Paytm temporarily then you can uninstall the Paytm application from your mobile phone. But if you install the Paytm application in future or Login to the web then your Paytm account can be accessed easily.

Social Media Appeal

Another way to getting your Paytm Account deleted or block is to reach the Paytm team through social media handles. As we all know that Paytm is quite good in responding to social media as compared to email support. So, here you can ask the Paytm team to delete or block your account. You can tweet on Twitter by mentioning Paytm team @paytm and ask them to delete your account.

How To Remove Saved Account From Paytm

If you don’t use Twitter then you can reach the Paytm team via Facebook and request for account deletion. Their support team will suggest you best way to deleting or blocking the account. Listen to them carefully and follow as said.

Final Words:

I know that you landed here to Delete your Paytm Account but did not get the proper resolution. But still, you have got an idea to delete or block your Paytm account. If you follow these steps then you will probably get rid of Paytm account. There is no such way to Delete Paytm Account Permanently. Vegas betting odds app.

How To Remove Saved Card From Paytm App

If you are having any trouble or any question in mind regarding Paytm then please feel free to ask it in the comments section below. I will be happy to hear from you. Also, do not forget to share this article with your friends so that they can also know about Paytm Account deletion.