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Jam Jars Slot

The Jammin’ Jars slot, released in September 2018 by Push Gaming studio, instantly brings to mind the popular mobile game Candy Crush, which has been addicting millions of people around the world for years. No wonder, then, that the same concept is also trying to gain popularity on the online casino side in the form of a slot machine. Jammin’ Jars slot’s grid of eight rows and eight reels is very unusual for a casino game, but it is not the usual 3×5 grid to rise from the dozen slots to the players’ consciousness.

The Jammin’ Jars slot is a large game on an 8 x 8 grid in which you spin 6 different kinds of fruit slot symbols. The goal is to create a cluster of 5+ symbols that payout the same minimal amount. The Jam Jars are the Wild symbols, and when you get them in a winning combination, they increase their multipliers. Jammin' Jars by Push Gaming released on is a 8-reel & 8-row online slot with Cluster Pays cluster pay and a 96.83% RTP. This is a disco-themed game offering players a max win of up to 20,000x their stake. Jammin' Jars can be played on all devices from €0.20 to €100 per spin and is considered a very high volatility game. Get in the groove as Jam Jars dance across the reels in the popular Jammin' Jars video slot! You can win up to 20,000x your stake in this high volatile game and gameplay starts from C$0.20! Jammin’ Jars is an 8 reel by 8 pay line video slot with this high volatility and high rewards. Push gamings will have BitCoin players chomping at the bit with attention-grabbing graphics and funky music.

Game Pros and Cons:

+ Free spins function
+ Sticky wilds that can offer nice wins
+ 8×8 grid provides turnover

– You can often wait a very long time for special features

Jammin’ Jars Slot Game Play

For Jammin’ Jars it can take a while before the game’s structure and idea begins to take shape and brighten. The game is actually very simple: the more symbols you get on the screen, the bigger the win is available.

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In normal slot games, the reels rotate and stop on the screen, but in Jammin’ Jars, the symbols drop down from the top of the screen, just like the Candy Crush game. The winning combinations are clusters of symbols instead of typical winning lines. If you get five identical symbols on Gunpowder at the same time, you get double winnings, and if, say, 25 strawberries pop up at the same time, you know it’s a wild 100x jackpot!

Theme and Layout Of the Game

Jam Jars Slots

Jammin’ Jars slot is a really colorful game, thanks in large part to the six colorful berries and fruit that serve as symbols of the game. The neon colours of the background continue the bright and colourful theme, which also reminds you of the disco lights from decades ago. Fruit and Crystal Ball may not be the most typical combination, but so far it’s doing the work pretty well.

The theme is also not the most exciting or interesting, as people who do berry picking, for example, are not much interested in pursuing their hobby while relaxing in online casinos. Jammin’ Jars slot, however, is one of those games where the theme doesn’t really matter, as the main feature is the game’s distinctive 8×8 grid and the possibilities it offers, which stand out from typical casino games.

The game is certainly not the most sophisticated or cool, but in its own way it is quite pretty. Graphics and animations are the latest and you’ll be happy to stare at them when the winnings are raining down.

Similar Games

Berries and fruits are certainly not its most exciting possible theme or even the choice of symbols, but for some reason they keep their popularity year after year. In addition to Jammin’ Jars, there are a couple of other fruity– themed games on the market, the most popular of which is surely NetEnt’s Berry Burst slot machine. If you look at the game’s features outside of appearance and symbols, the closest you get is perhaps Play’n GO’s great Reactoonz, where the game grid size is 7×7 and the features are a bit like Jammin’ Jars. Push Gaming has been so successful with Jammin’ Jars slot, however, that it is definitely worth testing before you go hunting for other berry-themed slots.

On the other hand, there are also many other fruity slots with classic layout that you can check out. Some of those that we recommend include Twin Spin slot, the classic NetEnt’s Starburst slot that is still after so many years a favourite among players. Also, the Core Gaming’s Jackpotz slot is quite an interesting game, as what you get is a classic fruity theme with a modern take to it with fruity neon symbols along with BARs rolling on the classic 3×3 grid.

Jammin’ Jars Slot and Its Symbols

The fruit and Berry symbols already mentioned are: strawberry, orange, raspberry, apple, plum, and blueberry. Of these, the strawberry is the most valuable and from that order the value drops down to the blueberry with the smallest paying value. In addition to these six, the game also features a jam jar in rainbow colors, which is both a wild and scatter symbol. Of course, the biggest gains depend heavily on the appearance of the jam jar on the screen, so you should wait for it with a hard eye.

The jam jar that drops wild on the screen replaces all the other symbols in the game, and this naturally increases the chances of winning. However, when testing the game, it became clear that very often a jar of jam is not worth waiting for on the screen, but the joy is even greater when it appears there.

No other bonus symbols can be found in the game, so Jammin’ Jars has been considered very simple in that sense.

Special Features

Although the game’s symbols are limited in number and perhaps also slightly dull in appearance, it does not mean that the game itself cannot be really exciting. The action on the screen is due to Jammin’ Jars special features, which are really fun.

The most spectacular and with them also the biggest winnings offer a feature called The Rainbow function, which can start in any round when you don’t get a win. The Rainbow brings at least one giant fruit symbol to the screen, which in turn changes all the symbols it covers to the same, and this can bring the profits to large sums. So in Jammin’ Jars, a non-winning spin can be really valuable. During the Free Play, however, the rainbow is not to be expected on the screen.

Another special feature of the game is free spins, which start when you get three jars of jam on the screen. As we have already mentioned, one jar of jam is already a rarity, which means that the free spins function is even rarer. However, when the three jars of jam appear on the screen, during the free spins function, they remain in place, offering a much better chance of winning when the regular spins take place.

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You can get six free spins with with three jars of jam, and if more jars of jam appear on the screen, they will remain in place for the remaining free spins. Jam jar symbols also show multipliers that allow the winnings to rise to very nice amounts, and they also help with free spins, as the original six free spins can go on for a much longer session with a bit of luck.

Jammin’ Jars Slot RTP % and Volatility

With every slot game, whatever the looks, layout or theme, we are interested in its RTP rate. And as always the higher the better. As for the Jammin’ Jars slot, its return to player rate (RTP) goes above average which is good. The RTP stands at 96.83 %. On the other hand, the game’s volatility is high, which is why you have to wait a bit longer to get those nice big wins. This is the downside of this slot which we mentioned above. So the slot would definitely be a lot better if it had medium variance.

Stakes, and Winning Potential

Wagering levels range from £0.20 to £100, meaning the game offers excitement for casino fans who play with both thinner and thicker budgets. The tension increases especially when you start to approach the maximum gain, which is as much as 500 times the bet. If, for example, the bet happens to be the maximum £100, you can smile a little or quite a bit when the jackpot appears as the max to win in Jammin’ Jars is 20,000x your stake or at the biggest bet that would be the insane £2,000,000!

Mobile Version

Like a decent modern slot, Jammin’ Jars is at its best on mobile devices, and casino gaming is moving to mobile phones and tablets at an accelerating pace. The 8×8 grid fits brilliantly on the mobile devices screen and the special features with amazing graphics are also really spectacular on the small screen. Points to Push Gaming for the implementation of the mobile version of this game!


Jammin’ Jars is a great example of how a boring theme can be made into an exciting and different game – a special size grid and great special functions bring something to the market that has not yet been found there.

It’s probably clear to everyone where Push Gaming found its inspiration and maybe you would think that the game developer wants to ride Candy Crush’s popularity, but does it matter if Jammin’ Jars is an excellent slot game in itself? All in all, Jammin’ Jars is a different and in its own way a really excellent casino game and will certainly be played even after the novelty has been forgotten.