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Welcome to JFK Slot Hits, LLC Flippin n Dippin movement and High Limit Slots experiences at various Casinos’. In this video you will know what has motivated us to game on High Limit slots and what has lead us into the high limit slot rooms. One of my goals is to provide valuable information from my exclusive Tips and Strategies that I have. I love watching your videos. Learning a lot from you. You are definitely the real deal. By J Navarro; So I went to the MGM last night with $1,000 & flipped it to $3,581 using JFK slots techniques. I don’t care what yall say his methods really do work. I made a vid last night and thank you and shout out to JFK we flippin n dippin cuz of you. New Slot Machines. I am VegasLowRoller and here you will see the NEW slot machines I find at the casinos. Please keep in mind that these videos will stay up in this list indefinitely, so what may have been a new slot 6 months ago, may not be anymore. From the history of slot machines to how they work and which ones to play, you'll learn everything there is to know about slots with JFK. Ready to step up your slot game? Join our Flippin n' Dippin club for insider tips, exclusive videos, and more.


Flippin n Dippin members-only will receive JFK exclusive Tips and Strategy Videos, (please allow 24 – 48 hours to receive your discount code for access).

Jfk New Slot Videos For 2019

Members-only will be entered into a drawing for the biggest Jackpot Hand pay video upload. Members-only can upload one (1) shout out Flippin n Dippin High Limit slot machine video per month (10mb maximum video), High Limit Slot machine video only. Rules will apply for your copyright video. Three (3) winners will receive a surprise gift for example: Flippin n Dippin gear, accessory and more.

In addition, your membership will include JFK’s exclusive forum on the (12) tip and strategy videos, Highlight on Tips, Questions Answered and much more.

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Latest Jfk Slot Videos

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