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Jungle Spirit Call Of The Wild

Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild™

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Jungle Spirit Call Of The Wildlife

Jungle spirit call of the wild slot

Jungle spirit: call of the wild February 25, 2021. Top Rated; Recent. Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild™ is an extremely popular jungle themed video slot from the ground-breaking software provider NetEnt. Since launching at EnergyCasino, it has consistently been among the top ranked games, and it is not hard to see why.

Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild’s hefty rewards may push you towards the maximum setting, but since they only come once in a while, taking the 0.2£ minimum bet as a starting point seems like the best online slots strategy for Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild. Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild Slot Machine is a slot machine by NetEnt. According to the number of players searching for it, Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild Slot Machine is not a very popular slot. Still, that doesn't necessarily mean that it's bad, so give it a try and see for yourself, or browse popular casino games. In the Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild game emulator is also present a full set of characters with advanced features: Wild symbols in the game are all characters of animals. These are symbols with standard functions: they replace any other icon on the line. 5 Wilds will bring the lucky player a jackpot.


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Jungle Spirit: Call Of The Wild

Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild™

Wow Factor For Wombats

The wombat says: Wow! NetEnt have really gone all out their latest release Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild. We haven’t been this excited since Nanna Wombat gave us a Millenium Falcon for Christmas back in 1984! Now that was a Xmas present…

But back to 2017! Be prepared to swing from the trees Tarzan-like and navigate the dense dark rainforest as you play this slot that’s got more in common with video games like Tomb Raider than old fashioned fruity slots like Starburst. Epic design and endless bonus features mean you’ll be playing this slot for hours, just like this Wombat did. Pack your mossie nets Wombat Fans, you’re going on a wondrous journey deep amongst the canopy where you’ll be confronted with ferocious beasts as well as 3 bonus features.

Look and Feel

This game launched around the same time as the Hong Kong Tower slot, but that’s where the similarities end. There’s a whole ruddy jungle full of animals in this slot for starters, including; tigers, bears, snakes, crocs, butterflies and tropical hummingbirds – each of which has been given the full 3D graphic design treatment making them come to life on the reels.

Meanwhile the background is covered in wild swaying rainforest and beautiful jungle wildflowers. The soundtrack is made up of tribal drums accompanied by the screeching and snarling of animals far away in the distance, but also speeds up to announce the arrival of a big win or a bonus feature. It’s a long way from the Stickers slot machine and some of NetEnt’s other more basic games!

We also love the way the reels make a satisfying crunch as they land in place (just as you would expect crumbling some old rocks to make). And then there’s the speed of the things! The symbols in Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild™ slot spin fast than a Whirling Dervish on the waltzers! All in all, this slot couldn’t be more more immersive if it tried. Well done NetEnt.

Game Play

Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild slot has 5 reels, 3 rows and 243 ways to win. Basically, what this means is you don’t need to worry about pay-lines anymore! Simply line up matching symbols anywhere on the reels from left to right and you’ll win.

Your symbols on these rainforest reels include the usual high playing card icons – 10, J, Q, K & A – all carved out of rock, plus spitting cobras, snapping crocs, grumpy bears, roaring elephants and those Kings of the Jungle, the magnificent tigers (lions you’ll find in the Lion’s Pride slot or out on the savanna). The tiger is the most lucrative symbol on your reels and will pay out 150 coins if you can get 5x of the regal beasts in a row.

Another piece of good news Wombat Fans is that the game goes from being 243-ways to win in the base game, to a whopping 1,024-ways to win during the Free Spins Bonus round. Which gives you heaps and heaps of Super Mega Win potential!

Symbol Expansion

Keep your eyes peeled for the glowing gold at the bottom of each symbol! It’s actually the cheeky Symbol Expansion feature that sees the icons on your reels marked by a butterfly. When these butterflies appear in a winning combination, they’ll expand to cover the entire reel during the main game to give you even more winning combos. But that’s not all: The Symbol Expansion feature is also in play during during the Free Spins Bonus round. Yippee!

Butterfly Boost Feature

This is a nice little extra bonus in the base game that is activated totally at random. Those aforementioned lucky golden butterflies will hover around the rainforest reels after any a winning spin, before picking between 1 to 5 symbols to expand that then take over a whole reel. When they do this, a small window will pop-up at the bottom of the reels to show you the total winnings from the bonus spin, too. Excellent work flutterbyes!

Jungle Free Spins Round

If you land 3x or more of the pretty tropical Pink Flower Scatters you’ll trigger off the Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild slot Free Spins round. At this point, the game turns into a 5-reel, 4-row grid slot, and they also change location.

Suddenly you’re transported to an open part of the rainforest with a towering waterfall in the background, accompanied by what sounds like a World Music band, too! ‘Ooh waa pa pa day-a, ooh waa pa pa day-a’ chanting can be heard as you decide which strategy you’ll pick to play the bonus round with.

First you’ll need to choose from 2 ways to play: Win Big with High Risk or Win Often with Low Risk. Next, pick 1 out of the possible 5 jungle creatures to play said strategy with in this bonus.

The animal you go with will give you a certain number of spins, but it will be also the main ‘medium win’ symbol that shows up on the reels during the round. So you will need choose wisely, as this can seriously affect your payouts!

Tiger = 4 free spins
Elephant = 8 free spins
Bear = 12 free spins
Crocodile = 16 free spins
Cobra = 20 free spins

The High Risk Tiger spins will pay out the biggest rewards in the bonus game, with a mind-blowing crazy 7,678x your bet to be won on each and every turn. Quick! It’s time to enter the Jungle!

Mobile Jungle Spirit

Like all good NetEnt slots, Jungle Spirit looks great on mobiles and tablets. So you’ll be able to play it even if you’re right in the thick of it – although you might need to shin up one of those Kapok trees to get a decent signal.


We found Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild to be blockbusting slot! The graphics are mind-blowing and the gameplay is just as good; we particularly love the strategy behind the choice of animals in the Free Spins, which will appeal to fans of both high and low variance slots. It gets a ‘thumbs up’ from us. Well, it would if wombats had thumbs (but we don’t).

Wombat score: 5/5

A great new slot from NetEnt. We are big fans and will be spinning until our coffers are totally empty, either that, or that hungry-looking tiger has us all for breakfast… Whichever comes first.

Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild is a jungled themed slot from 2017, powered by NetEnt. Watch out, because you never know what lures in the wild enviroment!

There are both lions and bears on the reels! Are you ready for an exciting adventure in the jungel with wild animals and jungle drums in the backdrop? If this kind of adventure sounds appealing to you, have read!

Jungle Spirit is a slot with 5 reels and 243 to 1,024 ways to win. All the symbols on the gamefield fit perfectly to the jungle theme, because they
are either wild animals or letters (10-A) covered with vegetation. The backdrop is stunning, you suddenly are in the dense mighty tangeld jungel!

However, the lower valued symbols are as often before the letters(10-A)!
It looks like if this beatiful letter symbols are made of stone. The higher valued symbols are the wild animals: tigers, elephants, bears, crocodiles and snakes (cobras). There are also a couple of other symbols and features.

Jungle Spirit Call Of The Wild

Symbol Expansion Feature

“All symbols, except for the scatter symbol, may be marked by butterflies.” “Any symbol that is marked by butterflies and that takes part in the winning combination will expand to cover an entire reel. This feature ca be activated both in main game and during the Free Spins.

Jungle Spirit Butterfly Boost Feature

This feature is randomly activated in the main game. Butterflies fly around over the reels “and will expand 1 to 3 symbols that take¨part in a guaranteed winning combination. “The expanded symbol will cover the entire reel.”

Scatter symbol

Blue heart slot game. If you are lucky and receive 3-5 Scatter symbols in the main game, Free Spins are activated. If you get 4-5 Scatter Symbols, you receive an extra win.

Jungle Spirit Free Spins

Choose between 1-5 different Free Spins: (Tiger Free Spins 4),(Elephant Free Spins 8), (Bear 12), (Crocodile 16), or (Cobra 20 Free Spins.) Maybe, you wonder why we sometimes pick Elephant Freespins, with only 8 spins. We choose those Freespins because they have higher risk, but also higher winning potential. If you choose 20 Cobra Free Spins the risk is much lower!

MAXIMUM WIN: 7,678x your stake

Jungle Spirit Call Of The Wildfire

Jungle Spirit is a rather popular medium to high variance slot. There are plenty of big win videos, spread on the internet from this slot. It’s amusing when you can select between 5 kinds of Free spins! This is an easy going slot, somewhat simple, it’s ok because the gameplay is well-synced. In other words the gameplay is smooth and every spin is enjoyable. As we mentioned earlier the graphics are stunning.

The expansion feature is very entertaining. Jungle Spirit is somewhat peculiar and differes from other NetEnt slots. However, some players complain over a lousy paytable. Probably they don’t know that you can win 1,825 times your stake on each spin and that you can win 7,678 times your stake on each free spin.

Jungle Spirit Call Of The Wild West

We like this easy going slot and sometimes, we just have to play it. It’s fun to try different kinds of Freespins every time spins are triggered. Do you hear the call from the jungel? Just jump in and have a spin!

Jungle Wild 11

Overall score:4.5/5