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Mr Cashman Slot Jackpots

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Claim your 2 million FREE COINS now and win BIG when you play Mr. Cashman Casino - the best new slots casino game and best slot machines by Aristocrat, who brought you the popular Heart of Vegas casino slots game to mobile! Enjoy a casino experience including new video slots, free pokies and classic slot machines game for a free slots experience like no other! Pile up the money bags and cash. Mr Cashman Slot Jackpots, poker light 3 bet, bola slot, mayan chief slots.

The Mr. Cashman Jewel of the Enchantress slot machine by Aristocrat surprises!

While I'm not 100% certain, Mr. Cashman may be one of the first slot machines to introduce 'Random Bonuses' where your bonus isn't triggered by something that happens on your spin, but just randomly at the end of your spin, regardless if you've won or lost. Download zynga poker texas holdem. This basically turns the game into two separate games, although you need to pay for the primary game to get the chance at a bonus game, of course!

The primary game is a lines-based game with the addition of scatter symbols, one per reel. Landing 3, 4, or 5 scatter symbols pays 5, 10, or a whopping 250 times your bet! In addition special Wild Diamond symbols appear on reels 2, 3, and 4 and if any land, they substitute for ALL POSITIONS on that reel, with the exception of the scatter, which is substituted on one position only. So, you want diamonds!

Mr. Cashman has 5 bonus features:

  1. Random Spin: Mr. Cashman randomly spins one or more reels then all wins are paid per the usual rules but multiplied by 3, 5, or 10!

  2. Choose a Feature: Touch the money bag to win up to 1000 credits multiplied by your bet per line or touch the gift box to win 20, 15, 10, or 5 free games during which all prizes will be multiplied by 2, 3, or 5.

  3. Random Bonus: Watch Mr. Cashman give you a bonus prize of up to 25000 credits multiplied by your bet per line.

  4. Match the Prize: Touch stars until 2 matching prizes have been revealed to win that prize, up to 1000 credits multiplied by your bet per line or 40, 20, 10, or 5 free games during which wins will be multiplied bu 1, 2, 3, or 5 times respectively.

  5. Poker Machine: You will win a bonus prize up to 999 credits multiplied by your bet per line!

All in all, Mr. Cashman is a popular brand, which also has additional themes, Enjoy!

Larry Cockrell

Take the Money Bag instead of the games

Cynthia Holler

Gosh did they take your diamonds out of the free games? Still pretty darn good session! Thank you!

Brenda Powell

Mr. Cashman pays better on a lower bet like $1.25 for me.

Free Online Mr Cashman Slots

I like cheesecake

You got back what u had previously

Hector P0rtillo

Que ase en ese supuesto brei que toma sujun creo creo que purga la makina

Sheila G

Yes,always pick MoneyBag vs FreeGames box..duh..🤔🤔

EZ Life Slot Jackpots

You never got the star bonus, that is the best one!

Denise C

I have trouble finding Mr Cashman anymore. Where were these located?


There is one more Cashman feature. It is the one where you have to pick the stars on the screen. You pick two like ones (40 games, 20x2 games, 10x3 games, 1000 credits, 500 credits, or 200 credits). Great job. I always watch your videos before I go to the casino. Gets me pumped up and excited.

Valarie F Randall

Mr Cashman was not very nice to you! I have won thousands playing on his various games! Glad you made a profit but it should have been so much better...

Mr Cashman Slots For Free

panzer waffen

There are several cashman machines in the casinos around me i never play this kind of machine . good job buddy as always a pleasure to watch your videos

My Pechanga Slot Machine Videos

Mr. Cashman has so much potential! Nice wins (most of them!)!

Ryan Cooper

If 3 scattered unicorn pays 20.00 4 or 5 must be large.


This is one of my favorite games cashman but with the one with Louie


I've never played this machine, but I have to say, those were some of the goofiest bonuses I've ever seen :) Congrats on the nice wins BP!

Mr Cashman is akin to being a slot gaming concept now than a mere game. The character originated as its own slot in Australian land-based casinos. Manufactured by Aristocrat LeisureLimited, which is based in Australia, the early Mr Cashman slot games were three reel electromechanical slots in which the title character was a symbol on the reel. But as video slot games becamemore popular Aristocrat migrated the character to video platforms and now enhances other games with Mr Cashman bonus features.

Mr Cashman first appeared on slot games in the 1990s and Aristocrat added Mr Cashman bonus games to its highly successful MKVI cabinets in the early 2000s. Casino Journal named the Mr Cashmanbonus feature one of the top 20 innovations in gaming products in the year 2003. One of the product line’s other innovations was the addition of a Bet button that increased game sounds as betswere increased and added bonus games for betting more.

At least as far back as 2001 Mr Cashman has been bundled with Aristocrat games like African Dusk, Indian Gold, Louie’s Gold, Jailbird, Mystic Eyes, and Jewel of the Enchantress. The bonus gameformat has been essentially the same since it was first introduced.

In 2016 Aristocrat updated several of its popular older games that use the Mr Cashman bonus collection and released new versions to land based casinos around the world. These games are availableas standalone models or land-based casinos can purchase the ViridianWS cabinet which allows players to switch between the games. The Mr Cashman bonus games play the same way on all four games ason their earlier versions.