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Quick Hit Slots No Download No Registration

Theme and Unique Features of Quick Hit Platinum. We can define the theme of all Quick Hit slots as “Las Vegas”. This game is no exception. Its symbols consist of BAR, 7, and cherry pictures, which can be seen in all classic Vegas slots. The unique feature of the game is that it contains two fixed jackpots. Quick Hits Free spins with double payouts, as well as a fixed jackpot. Thanks to the unique design of the main interface, realistic visual and sound effects, opening the Quick Hits slot, you are mentally transported to the gaming room of one of the most fashionable casinos in Las Vegas. Keep on reading our detailed Quick Hits review. Quick Hit Platinum Slots. Quick Hit Platinum slots have three spots on each of its five reels (5×3). There are 30 possible paylines and all of the classic symbols. Hitting the jackpot with the Quick Hit symbol requires nine of them to appear and pays 2000x whatever the chosen cost of spinning was. Quick Hits Slots No Download and Registration Now it is the best time to enjoy casino games online because they are becoming more popular. You can download Quick Hit slots if you want to get a real kick after winning. There are free slot games here that do not.

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Free to Play Bally Slots Online

The Quick Hit slot machine series by Bally and Scientific Games is proof that an online slot doesn’t need to be complicated to be engaging. Capitalizing on a simple game design with which most slot players are already familiar, the Quick Hit slot game brings a classic feel to modern slot gaming.

Each game in the series features a five-reel layout with a number of paylines based on how many spots for symbols exist in each reel. Most commonly, there are three symbols on each reel, creating a game with the standard 30-payline structure.

Adding to the classic feel are many of the symbols that the Quick Hit casino games frequently use:

  • Bells
  • Cherries
  • 7s
  • Bar (single, double, and triple)

Wilds, which can count as any standard symbol and as their own unique symbol with their own paytables, are another characteristic of each game. The most consistently present symbol in the Quick Hit slot machine is its namesake — the “Quick Hit.” This symbol is responsible for most of the bigger possible payouts, including the jackpot.

It also doesn’t need to appear in any pattern or on any particular paylines. Simply having more of them appear anywhere will allow the player to climb the Quick Hit paytable ladder. The top of that ladder, typically requiring at least nine such symbols to appear across the five reels, is where a lucky player might find a jackpot.

With these commonalities in place, each Quick Hit game has a foundation upon which to build.

The Quick Hit Slots Online

There are a number of popular Quick Hit games. Each has its own unique features. These features are distinct enough for players to have a real choice between games. The following is a list of the most popular Quick Hit games in 2019 along with specifications and overall hit frequency.

Compare Quick Hit Slots - Payouts & Hit Frequency

NameReels / LinesDenominationsClassHit Frequency
Quick Hit Black & White Double Jackpot3/1$0.20- $1,000C332.85%
Quick Hit 5x Pay 10x Pay3/1$0.20- $1,000C332.85%
Quick Hit - 4 Titles3/9$0.05- $100C339.54%
Quick Hit (Original)5/20$0.01- $5C2
Quick Hit - Black & White Wild Jackpot5/30$0.01- $1,000 C348.49%
Quick Hit - Black Gold Wild5/30$0.01- $1,000C348.49%
Quick Hit - Double Jackpot Triple Blazing 7s3/1$0.01- $100C3
Quick Hit - Amber Rays5/30$0.01- $100 C348.49%
Quick Hit - Silver Rain5/30$0.01- $100C344.02%
Quick Hit - White Fire5/30$0.01- $100C331.51%
Quick Hit 24 Karat5/20 & 5/30$0.01- $100C2
Quick Hit - Gold Storm5/30$0.01- $100C348.49%
Quick Hit - Starlight Fire5/30$0.01- $100C331.51%
Quick Hit - White Fire5/30$0.01- $100C335.27%
Quick Hit - Wild Red Jackpot5/30$0.01- $100C353.43%
Quick Hit - Golden Bell5/30$0.01- $100C344.02%
Quick Hit - Stars & Bars5/30$0.01- $0.10C344.02%
Quick Hit Black & White 7s Super Wheel3/27$0.01- $100C2
Quick Hit Black Gold 5x 10x Pay3/1$0.01- $1,000 C333.93%
Quick Hit Diamond - White Fire5/30$0.01- $100C339.87%
Quick Hit Black Velvet5/30$0.01- $100C3
Quick Hit Jungle5/30$0.01- $100C3
Quick Hit Pro5/50$0.01C250%
Quick Hit Ultra Pays - Monkey's Fortune5/243$0.01- $100C339.87%
Super Quick Hit Playboy Sunset Sapphires5/30$0.01- $100C3
Super Quick Hit Playboy Midnight Diamonds5/30$0.01- $100C3

Quick Hit Platinum Slots

Quick Hit Platinum slots have three spots on each of its five reels (5×3). There are 30 possible paylines and all of the classic symbols. Hitting the jackpot with the Quick Hit symbol requires nine of them to appear and pays 2000x whatever the chosen cost of spinning was.

The Quick Hit Platinum symbol, obviously unique to this game, offers one of the biggest possible jackpots among any in the Quick Hit series. Getting all five of these symbols to appear across the five reels awards an astounding 5000x payout of the stake.

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Quick Hit Black Gold Slots

Quick Hit Black Gold slot swaps in and out a couple of classic symbols (a “$” and a third Bar symbol in for the 77 and 777 symbols) but keeps the number of total standard symbols the same as Quick Hit Platinum.

It also changes the jackpot paytables slightly. This game offers up to 2500x the stake when nine “Quick Hit” symbols appear.

Quick Hit Pro Slots

Quick Hit Pro slot is the one exception to the 5×3-reel structure shared by the other games. Each spin shows four spots on each reel (5×4), giving this game 40 possible paylines. The total number of standard reel symbols in Quick Hit Pro is two more than in the other Quick Hit games. This is to compensate for the fact that 20 symbols appear on each spin rather than 15.

The Quick Hit jackpot paytables are also different. In this game, 11 Quick Hit symbols need to appear in order to hit a 1500x jackpot.

Quick Hit Cash Wheel Slots

Quick Hit Cash Wheel, like most of the other Quick Hit games, has a 5×3 reel structure and the same classic symbols. Other than a lower jackpot — nine Quick Hit symbols wins 1500x the stake — Quick Hit Cash Wheel’s main game is not very distinct from the other Quick Hit games.

It’s true each installment of the series doesn’t necessarily offer an entirely different experience in the main game. But the element that sets the Quick Hit series apart from other slot machine brands — its detailed and engaging bonus games — is the same thing that truly differentiates each game within the series from the rest.

Quick Hit Slots Bonus games

In addition to all the standard symbols, Quick Hits and wilds, each Quick Hit game has a symbol that triggers a unique bonus game. This symbol only appears on the second, third, and fourth reels and must appear on all three to trigger the start of the bonus game.


Quick Hit Platinum

When the bonus game begins, a grid of 20 tiles with question marks appears. Each tile randomly contains a specified number of free games that players can earn:

  • 5
  • 7
  • 10
  • 11
  • 15
  • 20

The player will continue to choose tiles until they have chosen three of the same tile. If the player chooses three “11 free games” tiles before three tiles of any other amount, for example, the bonus game will begin with 11 free spins.

In addition to the free spins, all bonus game spins are given a multiplier: 3x for the “20 free games” tiles and 2x for the others. This can make the “Quick Hit” jackpot extremely lucrative. Once the bonus game spins begin, it’s possible for the symbol that initially triggered the bonus game by appearing on reels two, three, and four to re-trigger the bonus game spins in the same capacity.

Quick Hit Black Gold

With this bonus game, an 18-tile grid of question marks appears. Instead of choosing how many free spins are earned (it’s always 10), the selected tiles will determine which of the possible four different games will be played. Quick Hit FEVER, Locking Wilds, 2x Pays, and 3x Pays are the possibilities. 2x Pays and 3x Pays simply provide a 2x or 3x multiplier for the 10 bonus game spins.

Locking Wilds causes any wild symbols that appear to be locked in for the remainder of the bonus game spins. A few wilds locked in on the board can really make it easy to hit some valuable winning combinations.

Quick Hit FEVER, like the name suggests, gives an opportunity for a truly special Quick Hit jackpot. In addition to an added amount of Quick Hit symbols on the reels, there’s an expanded paytable. Beyond the 2500x pay for nine “Quick Hit” symbols, there’s 5000x for 10 and 7500x for 11.

Quick Hit Pro

Perhaps the most uncommon feature in the entire Quick Hit series is Pro’s bonus game. The game starts with 15 free spins and tallies all winning combinations as normal.

Instead of Quick Hit symbols, the bonus game has symbols that resemble a pinball. Each of these pinball symbols that appear can be collected and used in the second part of the bonus game — PROCHINKO.

In PROCHINKO (an obvious portmanteau of Pro and Pachinko) each ball is fired, one by one, into a Pachinko-like game where they end up in a slot indicating a multiplier, up to 5x. All multipliers earned are added together to create a final multiplier, up to 100x, that is applied to all winnings acquired during the 15 free bonus game spins.

Quick Hit Cash Wheel

A large wheel determines the winnings in this bonus game. It will be spun with a specified multiplier some number of times. First, a player selects from 21 tiles until they select three matching tiles. These tiles determine the number of spins of the large wheel, up to three. The tiles also determine the multiplier, either 1x or 2x.

The wheel has many small amounts but also has possible results of 10,000 units and 50,000 units.

Quick Hits: final thoughts

Due to the jackpot-style nature and heavy reliance on bonus game winnings, Quick Hit games can have an uncomfortably high level of volatility for some players.

Still, the series is a great choice for slot enthusiasts. A variety of classic-style games with the modern touch of innovative bonus games is a combination that could keep any slot player busy for hours.

Quick Hit Platinum is developed by Bally Technologies and belongs to a famous series called “Quick Hit”. This is a classic game with 5 reels and 30 paylines. It is played on a 5×3 grid, which means each reel can hold up to 3 symbols. It offers several multipliers, two fixed jackpots, up to 20 Free Spins, and multiple Scatter symbols. Moreover, it is tied to the other Quick Hit slot series, and by using the symbols of these other games, you can win up to 750.000 coins with a single spin. As always, you can try this game for free or try your chances with real money at one of our recommended online casinos. In any case, make sure to read our Quick Hit slots review first.

About Bally Technologies

Bally is one of the oldest companies in the iGaming industry. It was established in 1968 and manufactured cabinets and equipment for land-based casinos for years. During the 90s, the company started to develop games for PCs and entered the iGaming industry too. Today, Bally is owned and operated by Scientific Games.

Quick Hit slots are probably the most famous series of this developer, which contains multiple titles, such as Quick Hit Pro and Quick Hit Black Gold. We also recommend checking out Hot Shot, Wild Huskies, and Vegas Hits if you like the Quick Hit slots series.

Pros and Cons of Quick Hit Platinum Slots

Two fixed jackpots, up to 5.000x total betThe bonus rules may seem complex for beginners
Up to 20 free spins with a 3x multiplierThere are other Quick Hit slots you can play that offer a progressive jackpot
Several multiplier payouts
Excellent mobile compatibility

What to Expect from Bally’s Quick Hit Platinum?

Bally’s Quick Hit slots are for players who enjoy old-school slot machines with profitable and innovative features. This game does not contain amazing graphics, but it belongs to a famous series, and it has a unique style that reminds us of the slot-cabinets in land-based casinos. If you enjoy Free Spins, fixed jackpots, multiplier payouts, and refined gameplay, this game (and any other Quick Hit slots) will be the right choice for you.

Theme and Unique Features of Quick Hit Platinum

We can define the theme of all Quick Hit slots as “Las Vegas”. This game is no exception. Its symbols consist of BAR, 7, and cherry pictures, which can be seen in all classic Vegas slots. The unique feature of the game is that it contains two fixed jackpots. While there is no progressive jackpot, you can win up to 2.000x total bet and 5.000x total bet by landing different Quick Hit symbols, as explained below.

Quick Hit Platinum Slot Machine Bonus Features

  • Wild: This symbol is shown with a flaming Wild sign. It pays up to 12.500 coins and can be used to complete any winning combination.
  • Scatters: There are two Scatter symbols. The first one is shown with the game logo: Quick Hit Platinum. Quick Hit Platinum symbols pay between 2x and 5.000x, no matter where it lands on the screen. The other one is shown with a Free Games sign. This symbol pays 1x stake and triggers the Free Spin feature.
  • Free Spins: You need to land three Free Games sign to start the Free Spins round. When this happens, a Pick-Me game starts, where you try to match 3 same cards. The cards you matched will determine how many Free Spins you get. Based on the result, you can win 5, 7, 10, 11, 15, and 20 Free Spins. No matter what the number is, all Free Spins wins will be multiplied by 2. (The only exception is 20 free games. If this is the result, the multiplier will be 3x, instead of 2x.) It is possible to trigger the Free Spins feature multiple times, up to 50 free games.
  • Wild Bonus: You can also find the Wild Bonus tile during the Pick-Me game. This tile will immediately award 5 Free Spins even if you find only one (there is no need to find three of them).

Min/Max Bets & Maximum Payout of Quick Hit Platinum Free Slot

The STAKE/LINE section shows the bet value per line. The STAKE section shows your total bet per spin. In this regard:

  • The minimum bet per line can be as low as 0.01, which makes the minimum total bet 0.30 coins.
  • The maximum bet per line can be as high as 5, which makes the maximum total bet 150 coins.

The maximum payout of the Quick Hit Platinum slot is 5.000x total bet. Since the total bet can be maximum 150 coins, the biggest payout is 750.000 coins (150 x 5.000).


The paytable of the Quick Hit Platinum slot is shown below. These are fixed values so no matter what your bet values are, the symbols will pay the same. However, note that some symbols pay in multipliers, so your bet value will affect the payouts too.

Quick Hit Platinum Symbols5x4x3x
Triple Seven50002500500
Double Seven25001000250
Single Seven1000500125
Any Mixed Seven50025050
BAR 550025050
Any Mixed BAR1252510
Bell & Cherry1255025
Quick Hit Platinum5000x Stake25x Stake2x Stake

Please also note that:

  • Any 9 Quick Hit symbols pay 2.000x stake
  • Any 8 such symbols pay 650x stake
  • Any 7 symbols pay 100x stake
  • Any 6 symbols pay 50x stake
  • Any 5 symbols pay 10x stake
  • Any 4 symbols pay 5x stake
  • Any 3 symbols pay 1x stake

RTP and Volatility

The RTP rate is 94.06%, and the variance of the game is medium. In other words, Quick Hit Platinum will payout quite often, and you can expect good winnings on the free online slot games.

You Can Play Quick Hit Platinum for Free on Mobile Too

This game was released in 2013 and developed on the Flash platform. However, due to its popularity, Bally released an HTML5 version too. This means it can run on any device and operating system out there. No download is needed too. As soon as you click the play button, the game will be launched on your browser. You can play it on iOS, Android, Linux, macOS, Windows, and any device out there that has a browser & active internet connection.

Quick Hit Platinum Slot Machine Free Gameplay?

  1. By clicking the plus and minus signs near the STAKE/LINE section, set your bet amount per spin. Due to multiplier payouts, we recommend playing with the maximum values.
  2. Before starting to play, you can check the paytable by clicking the “i” button. It contains the rules and payouts; you should take a look at it at least once.
  3. Click the purple round button in the middle to start spinning the reels. (You can also use the auto-spin feature.) Keep playing until you win or start the free games bonus.

Quick Hit Platinum Slot Machine Winning Tips

  1. Due to multiplier payouts and fixed jackpots, always play with the maximum bet value. This way, you can get the maximum possible payouts.
  2. Before playing with real cash, make sure to play for free. This way, you can learn the rules and find out if this is the right game for you.
  3. While playing with real money at online casinos, use a bonus. A free games bonus, for example, can give you several Free Spins to use in this game.

Best Online Casinos for Playing Quick Hits Slots

We offer the chance to play this game for free as long as you want. But if you want to play for real, we can also find the best casinos for this job. Below, you can see a list of the online casinos that offer this game and the entire Quick Hit slots collection.

Casino NameWelcome Bonus
GunsBet600 EUR + 320 free games
Black Lotus325% match for your first deposit, up to 1.625 EUR
Lotus Asia250% match up to 2.500 USD

A Classic Video Slot with Innovative Features

Quick Hit Platinum is a classic Las Vegas style slot machine. It offers big payouts, innovative features, and two jackpots. It has everything you can ask for. In other words, it offers something for every kind of player out there. We highly recommend trying it. Play for free right now and make sure to try other Quick Hit slots too.

Quick Hit Slots No Download No Registration Free


Does Quick Hit Platinum slot have Free Spins?

You can start the free games bonus by landing three Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. Doing so will trigger a mini-game, which can award 5, 7, 10, 11, 15, or 20 Free Spins with multipliers.

Do I have to download the Quick Hit Platinum slot to play?

This is an instant-play slot. You don’t need to download anything. To start playing free Quick Hits slots no download, simply click the “play free” button.

Can I play Quick Hit Platinum slot for real money on your site?

We do not offer any games that can be played for real. However, we have found the best casino sites for you to play with real money. Most of them offer generous bonuses which you can use in slots.

What would you recommend playing next after Quick Hit Platinum?

We highly recommend to pay attention to Cleopatra slots online. The game has attractive bonus features and an RTP rate of 95,02%. It also has a generous max payout of 1.000.000 credits.

What does the RTP value for the Quick Hit Platinum slot mean to me?

Quick Hits Slots Free Online

The RTP value is 94.06%. This means if players invest 100 EUR/USD in this game, the slot will give back 94.06 EUR/USD in the long run. This rate is calculated over millions of spins, and it doesn’t mean that you can win only such sums.