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Red Baron Slot Machine Free Play

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Red Baron slot machine online, developed by software provider Aristocrat, is a game that revolves around the legendary WW1 pilot who goes by the name of Red Baron. As he flies his signature biplane, it will be up to the players to help guide this war hero to his destination and win the great prizes that are hidden in the war-torn skies. Whether it’s taking down the massive blimps or rescuing the dear ladies in distress, it’s going to take some serious aerial manoeuvres to traverse the battle skies of Europe. The Red Baron game will bring the rewards to the ace pilots in this fun casino slot.

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Red Baron Slot Videos

Red Baron Slot Machine. Red Baron is a 5-reel, 243-ways-to-win slot machine from Aristocrat Leisure, which is themed around the famous German fighter pilot from World War I – Manfred Von Richthofen, better known as Red Baron. The game benefits from the innovative Free Spins feature, awarding up to 15 free. Take a peek at the free Aristocrat slots game Red Baron play here This is one of Aristocrats mor.

Download Red Baron Free Slots

Red baron slot machine free play

Rules and Symbols

Red Baron casino slot online is available to play for real money, or they can play the Red Baron free version for practice. Here is how to play:

  • The game is a standard 5x3 reel slot machine with a total amount of 243 play lines to win money on.

  • The standard symbols used to win the most basic payouts are the traditional card numbers used in most casinos online. There is 9, 10, J, Q and then the K pays a little more. The first four offer payouts between 10-100. The K awards slightly higher with a reward between 15-150 if the necessary number of symbols land on paylines.

  • The higher tier of payable signs is all represented as things of interest from the 1920’s. This includes an old radio, a dog used by soldiers and a WW1 blimp. The radio offers between 25-200. The war dog offers an award between 40-250. The blimp rewards players with a payout between 50-400.

  • The highest tier prizes in the game are the three stars of the show. The Red Baron himself, his damsel and the red biplane he flies on. The woman offers an award between 100-1,000. The famous aircraft rewards between 200-1,500. The main flyer himself has the top award of between 500-1,500.

  • The Wild is the blue medal of honour. This substitutes for every other symbol in the game including the Scatter. This allows gaps to be filled in for possible combinations. There is also a multiplier feature attached during free spins.

  • The Scatter is represented as the bullseye targets. They only appear on reel 2, 3 and 4. Achieving these is how the game’s bonus features become initiated.

Red Baron Slot Game

Play Red Baron for real money through its online betting system. The number of coins that you can bet on the game is adjacent to the number of reels. This means that a total of 5 coins can be placed into it. The coin value size can be adjusted accordingly. The minimum setting that is fixed to as little as 0.01. The max setting can be placed all the way up to 4.00. When converted into real money, this would mean that the minimum bet that can be made with all five coins is $0.25. The max amount of money that can be betted on is a total of $100.00. The RTP is calculated at around 95.7%. There is also an auto-spin button that can be pressed to automatically spin the reels a set number of times with a pre-determined betting amount. Simple press the button again to stop the auto-spins.

The jackpot of the game is won through the Red Baron, but the same amount can also be achieved by his biplane if five of a kind is scored on the reels. When won by the max bet, this means that the player has a chance of winning around $150,000.00. Here are some tips and tricks to win far more than that.

How to Succeed in the Game

The bonus features in this Red Baron slot are achieved through the Scatter, seen as a bullseye and represent a good strategy to look at. Scoring three of a kind on a payline will win the player 15 free spins. Diamond reels casino free spins. It is during these spins that the player must select a ‘mission’ they wish to accomplish. The aim of these missions is to collect as many planes as possible by landing on them. The more planes that are collected, the bigger the multiplier can be added to your winnings.

  • Mission 1: 4 or more planes is a 10x multiplier;

  • Mission 2: 8 or more is a 15x;

  • Mission 3: 12 or more wins 25x;

  • Mission 4: 16 or more wins 60x;

  • Mission 5: 20 or more planes collected wins the player 140x.

With the max bets placed and the jackpot won, that gives the player a chance to win a massive prize.

The gamble feature in the game can even double or quadruple that. When pressing the gamble button, the player can choose either red/black or a suit. Guessing the correct colour can double a win while guessing the correct suit can quadruple it. This can make for a shocking possible win.

Closing Thought

Design wise, and Red Baron is about as simple in looks as anything else from the gritty WW1 era. But even that can’t stop the insane prizes that can be won if the player is skilled enough and doesn’t resort to cheating. This a slot machine that can truly make heroes of anyone just like the Red Baron himself. As long as the player can collect those planes, they could possibly even own a plane of their very own at this rate. This goes to show that simplistic graphics can be easily overlooked as long as what you’re playing is both incredibly exhilarating and gives you something very nice to aim towards. It’s onwards and upwards in this biplane.