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Scatter Slots App

We’ve got lots of good things to say about Scatter Slots’ mobile app. User ratings are really good thanks to the strong theme and fun gameplay on mobile. It’s available to play on Android. Scatter Slots provides plenty of ways to get free coins, gems and more rewards to help you discover our in-game world! A unique Status System to reward the most persistent of players. Each level of your status increases your in-game bonuses. Get to the top, Champion! Scatter Slots Android latest 3.77.0 APK Download and Install. Scatter Slots is an Ultimate Las Vegas Casino Game experience! But, whenever you open the app, try and see if the Scatter Slots is available. #3: Seasonal bonuses. Scatter Slots Cheats will give you enough to play every type of slots you want, but, if you ever need more, try hunting the seasonal bonuses. Developers are really into holidays and it’s a good technique to make sure users will be playing when. Download Scatter Slots NOW and enjoy: - More than 100 game worlds available. Every single one of them has unique gameplay, visual style, and brings new and exciting challenges to the table. Play the game Online or Offline, and have your adventure.


Do you like online games that make you feel like you just walked into a Vegas casino? If yes, then Scatter Slots is the best game you could play, for free, on any type of device. The game is extremely popular among players all over the world and already managed to gather over 1 million downloads and a general score of 4.6 on Android.

The main attraction is represented by the gorgeous artwork developers included and in the complexity and diversity of the game. Usually with slot games, you just bet, spin, and hope for the best. With Scatter Slots, things are a bit different and this is why people enjoy it so much. Still, the main action is indeed the same: you have the possibility to select out of 30 uniquely decorated slot machines, you place your bet (using the coins you already have in your account), and then spin the wheel. So how is it different?

Well, the feature that makes this game unique is represented by the many possibilities you are offered to win more coins and gems. First, you are assigned random tasks that, when completed, give you huge payouts. Even more, each task is different so you won’t have time to get bored of these mini-games. Second, there are many tips and tricks that can help you move around the freemium idea and win as many coins and gems as you want.

Top 5 tips and tricks to use in Scatter Slots

So, thinking this is why you are here, let’s take a look at the tips and tricks most users don’t know about.

#1: Don’t jump in with every quest

You don’t have to take every quest that comes your way as there are a number of choices you can make. So, if a quest doesn’t seem doable in the recommended amount of time or it poses a risk for your pile of coins and gems, it’s best to skip it.

The easiest quests are the ones that ask you to spin the wheel a certain number of times, without specifying the amount to bet. In this situation, you can bet small and spin the wheel as asked to win the quest and the reward. Be careful with the ones that specify the amount to bet on or simply say spin the wheel using the max bet. These will drain your resources and you might be left dry before the quest is over. Also, try to avoid quests with time limits if you are not always available to play.

#2: Don’t use up your coins too fast

It may be tempting to go through your quests as fast as possible to unlock as many machines as fast as possible. Still, by doing so you may spend all your coins and thus get stuck. If this happens, you may have to wait weeks to gather your coin stocks and move on with the machine you unlocked.

So, our advice is to play smart and win big!

#3: Break the ice quests

There comes a time when it’s recommended to bet big and that is when a Break the Ice quest comes your way. During such a quest, several symbols are so interestingly lined up that there’s a big chance to hit the jackpot in the first two reels. So, if we’re talking about such a sure bet, don’t waste any more time! Bet big and watch your earnings grow!

Still, make sure to search for these quests as they are easy to miss. They are considered a sort of secret bonus levels and if you’re not careful you’ll not find them.

#4: Don’t take big risks

Even though you’re feeling lucky you shouldn’t start betting high amounts. Like with most slot games, the coins are earned with patience and smart betting not with taking risks. Scatter Slots will reward you for this with bonus rounds and free spins so don’t be hasty.

Our advice is to bet small and climb the latter to the next machine step by step. Make sure you choose your quests well and keep your earning safe by avoiding rounds where you’ll be tempted to bet high. If you lose your earnings in one spin it will take a while to get back on your feet. And the experience is going to be frustrating.

#5: Complete the daily challenge

Scatter Slots will help you earn more coins, gems, and upgrade points every day but you have to complete five objectives out of the following 7:

  • Spin the wheel 100 times
  • Spend some real money out of your pocket
  • Get free spins
  • Play a bonus game (if one comes your way)
  • Play Scatter Slot (usually available every hour)
  • Place the max bet at least twice
  • Complete a mission

As you can see, if you don’t play that much during the day, these objectives can be quite difficult to achieve. However, with a bit of effort, you should finish the daily quest and get your reward. This is particularly useful if you’re low on coins and gems but it is helpful even if your treasure room is full.

It is recommended to avoid spending real money in the game and, as mentioned before, there are only some occasions when the max bet is recommended. So I guess this leaves the rest of the 5 objectives for the daily quest.

Bonus tip: Play Scatter Slots

This is the easiest trick in the book as the game is available every hour and will give you access to free coins and gems. So, our recommendation is to check for the Scatter Slots game’s availability every time you use the app. There will be times when this is going to be your main source of income.

As you can see, Scatter Slots is quite an interesting game with many nooks and crannies. We think that there are enough challenges to keep you entertained for a long time and to make you even recommend it to your friends and closed ones.

If you like the Slots and enjoy the atmosphere of a Casino, then Scatter Slots should definitely be on your phone or tablet! The game is free to download and comes with some impressive fantasy casino slot machines which will definitely mesmerize you into playing without pause.

The problem is that, regardless of how much you like the game, you will be forced to stop at some point. The game is freemium (offers in-app purchases) and developers designed it to make you want to spend real money when you run out of coins and gems. But is this really necessary? If you feel like playing non-stop but you don’t win enough to keep going, we have a great Scatter Slots Hack and Cheats tool that you can use for free. Our tool is easy to use and will get you free coins and gems in just a few minutes. Even more, you can even use it to fuel your friends’ accounts!

I’m sure you’ve heard of other tools and sites that promised an easy hack but didn’t deliver. It’s frustrating and outrageous what some will do for some visits but our purpose is to help you out. We are the answer to your Scatter Slots problems so, if you’ve just lost a big bet and you don’t want to wait it out, take a look at our Scatter Slots Hack tool by clicking the button bellow.

How to Use Scatter Slots Hack and Cheats Tool

Scatter Slots For Pc

If you want to get more gems and free coins, all you have to do is access our tool and use it according to instructions. Our Scatter Slots Cheats tool is safe to use due to our anti-detection techniques. To make sure your account won’t get banned, we run the Scatter Slots Cheats tool using private proxies and everything is processed on our personal server. Even more, you don’t have to download and install anything on your phone – the entire process runs online.

The Scatter Slots Free Coins and Gems generator is developed by programmers with experience in the mobile games industry. Thus, due to the fact that our code is clean, our hack is extremely fast. So, with just a few steps, you’ll have your account fed coins and gems in no time. And all these, without spending any real money (our tool is free to use).

Step-by-step Tutorial for our Hack Tool

Once you access the page, you’ll see we need a few data from you. Thus, please follow these steps to get your coins and gems:

  1. Input your Scatter Slots nickname – make sure to input the correct nickname, otherwise the wrong account may receive free coins and gems.
  2. Select the platform you’re using to play the game (PC, Android, iPad, iOS/iPhone, or Windows Phone). This is important for the final result so you must select the right one.
  3. Select the region you are currently located in – this helps us understand the type of network you’re using and allows us to know how to apply the settings for the cheats.
  4. Select the number of free coins you need (the number ranges from 25,000 to 999,999 coins)
  5. Select how many gems you want (the number ranges from 25,000 to 999,999 gems)
  6. If you want an extra layer of protection, the Scatter Slots Cheats tool allows you to activate the Invisibility and Proxy buttons

Once you finished added all the data, click Start and wait for the hack to be processed. To make sure you are human and not a robot trying to spam our site, you can be asked to prove this just right before the hack sequence ends.

Once you go pass this step, the hack sequence is complete and the free coins and gems will be in your Scatter Slots account. So congratulations, you are free to use them as you like! Even better, you can repeat the operation any time you want with our free coins Scatter Slots generator! This means you’ll have access to unlimited coins and unlimited gems which will allow you to go as far in the game as you want.

3 important Scatter Slots Tips and Tricks

If you don’t feel like using a hack tool, there are a few tips and tricks that can get you faster through the game. However, if you combine our Scatter Slots cheat with these tips and tricks, you can guarantee that you’ll become a master fantasy gambler in no time!

#1: Be the quest king

To encourage you to play and earn more, the game offers interesting quests which look like mini-games inside the bigger game. The best part is that you don’t have to go looking as quests will be assigned to you in the game at random. So, try to complete a task as soon as it is assigned to you and this will lead to bonuses and quite impressive payouts.

The more quests you do, the better your coins storage will look!

#2: Special Scatter Slots: hourly bonus

This means that the Scatter Slots option will be available every hour and you can get free coins and gems while playing. Best app for betting on ufc. So, the more you play, the more you’ll win. While it may not compare with the level of Scatter Slots free coins and gems you get using our cheats techniques, it is still something to be aware of.

We don’t suggest playing all day long or even log in every single hour. But, whenever you open the app, try and see if the Scatter Slots is available.

#3: Seasonal bonuses

Scatter Slots Cheats will give you enough to play every type of slots you want, but, if you ever need more, try hunting the seasonal bonuses. Developers are really into holidays and it’s a good technique to make sure users will be playing when they have more free time.

So, during holidays, you’ll enjoy some pretty neat bonuses in the store and you will get various bonus types (one free spin every 24h for example).

These are some of the most important bonuses and tricks that will get you more coins and gems, but if you’re not a patient person we strongly recommend our Scatter Slots Hack.

Gameplay and other interesting features

Scatter Slots App For Windows 10 Download

Scatter Slots is first and foremost a game that depicts slot machines. While you are not gambling real money, the feeling that you are in Vegas casino is extremely real and supported by the amazing graphics. Actually, many players are extremely happy with the level of graphics and call every level a work of art.

Now, if we talk about the mechanics, you’ll learn that Scatter Slots moves away from the classic slots game formula and comes with new and enjoyable items. However, the basic of the gameplay is the same: you select one of the available slot machines (over 30 right now), choose your bet in coins, and spin the wheel. If you’re lucky, you hit the jackpot and you get a huge load of coins in your account. If not, you still have the chance to win something while enjoying the unique background.

Still, you have to remember that this is a freemium game and developers tend to tip the scale in favor of users spending some of their real money. That’s why Scatter Slots Cheats are a great way to enjoy the game and keep your money in the pocket.

The thing that makes Scatter Slots unique is represented by the wide range of bonuses and quests that are assigned with the sole purpose of helping you win more. You won’t win as much as you would with cheats, but you will be entertained. These quests are quite different and keep you alert and ready for action. For instance, one such quest may ask you to spin the wheel a certain number of times within the hour, but this is just one type of quest. There are tons just as easy and, as you move up in the game, you’ll get to win more with each task.

Scatter Slots Cheats are worth trying even it is only to see the artwork developers integrated into every slot machine. Each comes with a beautifully drawn background, unique music, and interesting color combinations. Still, keep in mind that most of this art was designed for adults so you’ll see some exciting images.

The Best Slots Machines Games

To close this chapter, we can definitely conclude that Scatter Slots is an innovative, interesting, and fun game that is worth every penny. If you want to try our Scatter Slots Hack, please feel free to do so but if not, there are cheats and tricks to help you out. Regardless of your choice, you must try the game and see for yourself!